What is the shelf life of O2 Derm™ PET?

If kept in a closed container, the gel should retain its oxygen content for at least tenmonths.  Avoid vigorously shaking the container, as it will release some of the beneficial dissolved gases (oxygen and nitrous oxide).  We use no preservatives in our products, and are working to naturally and dramatically extend shelf life with enhanced packaging.

Where can I apply O2 Derm™ PET?

O2 Derm™ PET is a topical pain relief gel.  It can be applied externally to any skin surface and rubbed into sore paws or interdigital cysts.  Avoid contact with your pet’s eyes. It is intended for external use only.

How often should I apply the O2 Derm™ PET?

Most customers have found O2 Derm™ PET to be effective if applied three times per day. However, your pet’s particular need may respond well to more or less frequent applications.

Is O2 Derm™ PET only for Dogs and Cats?

O2 Derm PET is a safe, non-toxic, topical gel.  As such, it can be used for muscle pain and skin irritations across a wide range of family pets and working animals.  In addition to dogs and cats, it is safe for pet ferrets, rabbits, and guinea pigs.  On the larger side, horses can benefit from the muscle relief provided by this oxygenated gel.

What is O2 Derm™ PET used for?

The success story of O2 Derm PET is still being written.   Pet owners and veterinarians have reported using our product for:

  • Local pain and itchiness
  • General skin irritation and pain management
  • Lesions or boils on paws and feet
  • Interdigital cysts and fungus
  • Sprains, strains, and paw pain
  • Soothes dry skin

For external use only.  Odorless, safe, and non-toxic.

What sets O2 Derm™ PET apart from other Dog Cream and Pet Cream Products?

To start, ours is not a dog cream or pet cream.

O2 Derm™ PET is an odor-free, translucent gel which rubs into your pet’s skin cleanly, leaving no greasy feel behind. The dissolved oxygen and pain relieving nitrous oxide absorb into the skin and help in relieving joint and muscle pain, as well as speeding healing of skin irritations.

Many name brand topical pet products rely hydrocortisone and other steroids or contain alcohol.

O2 Derm™ PET works differently.  It brings a reservoir of oxygen into close proximity with your pet’s skin and delivers the naturally occurring analgesic nitrous oxide to enhance the effects of molecular oxygen

What is O2 Derm™ PET made of?

All of our Derm Creations products are simply different formulations of the following ingredients:  distilled water, the naturally occurring clay LAPONITE® XLG, silicone, Epsom salts (a source of magnesium), oxygen nitrous oxide, and a food-grade thickening agent used in marshmallows and toothpaste (TSPP).

The end result is an odorless, greaseless gel that is easy to apply and offers no burning or cooling sensation.  Ingredient concentrations are balanced to optimize each product to its use.

LAPONITE® is a registered trademark of BYK Additives Ltd.

Is it safe?

Yes.  O2 Derm™ PET contains no steroids or harmful chemicals and is non-allergenic. There is no need to wear gloves when applying to your pet’s skin or paws.

I’ve never heard of O2 Derm™ PET before. Is it new?

The O2 Derm family of products, including O2 Derm™ PET have been under development for years and in use by a small but enthusiastic customer base who have helped us better understand the possible applications.  Recently, we’ve begun to scale production to reach a wider market and bring the benefits of this oxygen rich, pain relief gel to your pets.  Read our Veterinary Testimonial.


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